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This 16th-century fresco by an unknown artist depicts a scene from Metamorphoses, better known as the Golden Ass.

“An ounce of experience is worth a pound of theory” — Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defense.

The Metamorphoses or the Golden Ass (Asinus aureus) by Apuleius, tells us a fascinating story of Lucius during his journey to Thessaly, the birthplace of magic. According to Prof. Sonia Sabnis, a PhD. from the University of California, Barkley, Apuleus wrote this piece as a critique to Roman Empire’s society at the time which was very much like America today, “highly stratified and obsessed with appearances and absurd spectacles.” However, there is a more profound and exciting layer to this story. A story of a fool who happens to stumble upon magic. Curious and eager to learn it, he wants to try without the complete knowledge and is transformed, in the process, into an ass.