Atualizado: 8 de fev.

“This is the reality; I am more Alexandrian than you, and you know it. Why? Because I had the correct training and you didn’t.”

Training is not standardized. It should follow certain points, but it most certainly depends on the student and on the teacher. There are good and bad teachers. How do we know this? Because some are lazy and scattered and some are systematic and precise. Or perhaps because some produce excellent results in students and others don’t. Styles vary and approach do too. Do the student’s accomplishments measure a good teacher? Or shall we say that some students are quite lousy and therefore it isn’t the teacher’s fault? So many variables and so many different ways to look at this that there isn’t a right answer.

Does proximity to the original (founders) count in any way? What I mean by this is that if the teacher was a member of the first coven in that specific branch of the Craft, does it make him or her more valuable than any other teacher who happens to come after that? Was there another teacher that came after Alex who was a better teacher than him? Does the student ever surpass the teacher? I like to think than that would be ideal. After this idea, it would be quite stupid, and I have done that in the past, (but one learn from one’s mistakes) to say that this is the training that should be done and it is called Alexandrian training, the right training, proper training or good training. All of these are at best pretentious and at worse snarky.

What I consider proper training might be mediocre to you or what you find average training, I would think it is a reasonable way to go about it but not brilliant. Let’s face it; some will have the natural aptitude for teaching, and some don’t. It doesn’t mean their bad, just not natural teachers. I would like to think that experience would have some weight on contributing to the quality of the teacher, but it most certainly does not have any influence on the aptitude. Therefore we can conclude that an experienced teacher is not necessarily the best one. So is there a right way? Is there a real right way to do things? And what constitutes ‘a right way’?