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I was taught that we keep our rituals private to keep them sacred. I feel that this teaching is one of the most important to me. It is based on sound occult reason, and many other sects of the Western mystical world would agree. When there is a justified purpose, and the intention is noble, then this rule can be broken. This method is nothing new. There are plenty of examples of this when an esoteric order or an occult tradition open some of their inner workings to the public, driven by an urgent and justifiable need. Dion Fortune is an excellent example of this when in the midst of German invasion to the U.K. during WWII, Fortune maintained the “strength and resilience of the group mind of the nation by the evocation of relevant symbolism.” (Gareth Knight, Magical Battle of Britain)

With any act of magic comes responsibility. This responsibility rests with the practitioner, as he or she will exercise their will as part of the anatomy of any magical action. The idea of exposing initiates material, ritual or magical practice to the non-initiate is dangerous because a non-initiate cannot take responsibility for it. Accountability is an absolute must in any magical endeavor; it calls to the conscious mind to be present in the moment of magical creation. Although this could be possible to attain on an individual level by an innocent uninitiated bystander, it doesn’t equate to the quality of the moment created by an initiate, as the initiate works in a higher level of experience and training. Unless the initiate reduces his experience to a basic level, there will be a big gap between what an initiate produces and what a non-initiate yields in the same ritual moment. Even in a fundamental level, to build power in a magical context, initiates have the natural tendency to move upwards, rather than downwards in the measurement of the amount of power raised (unless they are awful at it.) The initiate also will have the responsibility to direct the power. This situation can be quite overwhelming for those with no experience and unable to direct any of this power yield from the practice of magic.